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Nothing can be more important than knowing your own business. Internal auditing is a catalyst that ensures a conducive environment and functioning for the optimum growth of the business. This independent internal audit consulting activity serves towards objective assurance and augments the organization’s operations.
Internal auditing is a safety measure that not only assures transactional accuracy and statutory compliance but also validates the internal control policies of the business. It assists the organization in procuring its objectives through a disciplined and fastidious approach of evaluating and enhancing the risk mitigation, control and governance system.
Deploying continuous internal audit mechanism helps the management in the improvement of the processes and internal auditing checks the revenue leakage and to make the processes more systematic with fool proof controls


-Auditing system with explicit processes and effective control system which avoid, transfer and mitigates the inherent risks.
-Profiling of impending risks and a thorough review and evaluation of the adequacy of processes and controls correlated to the operations of the company, which is a core differentiable part of unique internal auditing campaign
-Corroboration of transactions keeping in mind the internal policies and guidelines and complying with the requirements of various decrees and regulations.
-Creation of accounts and financial reports which precisely reflects true and fair view of performance.

Internal Auditing In a Glance.

In the auditing process, we check for the existing controls which are decided by the company’s management. If the existing controls are not fulfilling the requirements of the management, we suggest internal controls based on the requirements of the management.
Internal audit is conducted within a scope that is decided by the management. As part of the auditing process, we also suggest the client about compliances w.r.t taxation matters as well as companies act and other applicable statutory compliances.
We provide a detailed audit report to the management periodically to make them understand the issues regarding non-compliances with statutory requirements and quantify them. We also find out weaknesses in the controls and suggest proper measures to mitigate the risk.

"Business without audits is like playing cricket without keeping the score" -Anonymous

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