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Snapdeal seller registration is quite similar to any other online seller registrations. Any business entity can sell their products on Snapdeal. Nevertheless, you have to register as a Snapdeal seller by providing all the relevant information about your business and the products you want to sell. Apart from this you will have to provide some details during the Snapdeal seller registration process, which include:
-Communication details like, Name email Id and mobile number.
-Complete Addresses of product pickup locations, with pin code.
-Type of product and category of business which you prefer to sell through Snapdeal.
-All valid business registration Documents.
-Tax registration documents.

Business Registration documents for a Snapdeal seller.
There are few business documents that should be submitted to Snapdeal as a part of Snapdeal seller registration process. Required documents will be based on the type of business entity. For different types of business there are different Business Registration Documents, You need to identify the category of your business and then submit the relevant documents. There are different types of legal entities like:
-Sole proprietorship
-Partnership firm
-Limited Liability Partnership
-One Person Company
-Private limited Company
-Public limited company

To become a Snapdeal seller, you should belong to any of the above mentioned business forms. Furthermore, there are many advantages and disadvantages with each type of business format, to know more click here.
Become a Snapdeal seller as an Individual or Sole Proprietorship.
Individual business entities which are owned and run by a single person, where there is no legal difference between the owner and the business are known to be sole proprietor. Following documents are required if you fall under sole proprietorship:
Business Documents, owner’s Identity, and address proofs:
-A declaration from the business owner which states that he/she manages the respective current account.
-Statement of the bank account which is registered on Snapdeal payment gateway.
-PAN Card
-Passport/voter ID/Driving License/Any other photo Identity.
-Telephone bill/electricity bill in the name of business.
-Bank account in the name of the proprietorship
-Rent/lease agreement

Selling on Snapdeal as a Private Limited Company or One person company or Public Limited Company.
Selling as a company on Snapdeal is most preferable. Having said so, selling as a Private limited company is the most suggestible because it provides limited liability protection to promoters, easy transferability, separate legal entity, easy funding and scales up operations. The following documents must be submitted being a company:
Identity Proof
-Copy of Certificate of Incorporation.
-Copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA)
-Company PAN Card
Address Proof
-Company Telephone bill (Fixed line)
-Company office Electricity bill.
-Lease or rental agreement.

Selling on Snapdeal as a Partnership Firm or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
You can be a Snapdeal seller as a partnership firm or LLP business entity; being a LLP you have an advantage of limited liability and unique name. The following documents must be submitted:
Identity Proof
-PAN card of all the partners in the LLP/ firm.
-Partnership registration or LLP Incorporation Certificate
-Partnership deed.
-The power of Attorney granted to a Partner or an Employee of the firm or LLP to transact business on behalf of the firm.
-Any document of the power of Attorney, which states that power of partners and the persons with their photographs.
Address Proof
-Any officially valid document confirming the address of the Partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney
-Rental or lease agreement
-Office Electricity bill/Telephone bill.

Snapdeal Seller Tax Registration Requirements.
For any type of entity you choose for the proposed business, the following Tax registration documents are mandatory.
-Business Details, Current Bank Account details, like; Bank name, Account number, and IFSC code.
-PAN – PAN Card of the individual.
-TIN- In order to get the TIN number you have to register for VAT /sale Tax number/CST here
-TAN – TAN is required for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) – in the name of business.

Starting to sell on Snapdeal
Once the promoters of the business have provided the above information, documents, and registrations, the business can begin selling its products on Snapdeal. Once the formalities for Snapdeal seller account registration are complete, the business can create the storefront and list its products on Snapdeal.

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