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Types of Employee Incentive Schemes

We have made an attempt to explain about the types of employee incentive schemes that can be offered to employees. Employees are one of the stakeholders of the company and they being the main resource for any company, the enterprise…

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Types of Bank Accounts for NRI In India

What is NRI Bank Account: There are many bank accounts that are available to be used by NRIs for various purposes typically called as NRI Bank Accounts. Many of the Non-Resident Indians who go abroad either on deputation of employment…

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Residential Status of Non-Resident Indian(NRI)

Residential Status of NRI The need to determine the residential status of a person, that is be it Individual, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family is very essential, as based on the residential status the person’s liability to pay tax is…

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What is the difference between NRI PIO and OCI

Difference Between NRI PIO and OCI Efforts are made to make this article to guide to explain the differences between NRI,PIO and OCI. Income tax act elucidates about the residential status of persons but there are a few terms that…

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Income Tax exemptions applicable to NRIs

This is a guide to the Income tax exemptions applicable to NRIs to plan their savings in a systematic manner understanding the intricacies of the applicable income tax provisions. NRIs can claim a few income tax exemptions and explore some…

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