Company Registration in Hyderabad

Company registration in hyderabad : – Before you go to register your Company in Hyderabad, you must know what Company registration is and how to incorporate it safely. Company registration is a process to set up a company under ministry corporates Affairs (MCA). You can register a company yourself; however, you must need consultants to incorporate a company Correctly. Here you have to think whether the consultants are well experienced or inexperienced; don’t worry, we have 5+ years’ Experience in company incorporation and other legal services, and we will make your company registration safely.

For company formation, you have different options are:

Based on your requirements, you can opt for any of these. For company registration in Hyderabad you have to follow some steps. Get registered your Company by following these steps below.

Basic requirements for company registration in Hyderabad:

  • Atleast 2 directors
  • Atleast 1 director should be an Indian
  • Atleast 2 shareholders
  • Application of Digital Signature Cerificate
  • Application of Director’s Identification Number
  • A minimum authorised Capital of Rs 1,00,000

Document needed for company registration in Hyderabad:

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN card) of Directors and Shareholders
  • Identity Proof of Directors and Shareholders
  • Address Proof of Directors and Shareholders
  • 4 Passport Size photograph of Directors & Shareholders
  • Address proof of place of business to be registered
  • NOC for business place or  Rent Agreement, if any
  • Duly filled in Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) application
  • Duly filled in checklist with other details for incorporation

Steps involved in company formation in Hyderabad:

  • Step 1: Share the basic documents mentioned above with duly filled in checklist
  • Step 2: We will make an application for Digital Signature certificate on behalf of you
  • Step 3: We will apply for the name and share the legal documents for your approval
  • Step 4: Approved documents would be filed to ROC
  • Step 5: Deliverables will be delivered to your place

Timeline for company incorporation in Hyderabad

Generally company incorporation process takes a period of 3-4 weeks depending on the availability of the documents and the readiness of the entrepreneur; this is also subject to approval of MCA authorities.

Our deliverables for company registration:

  • Digital Signature certificates
  • Director’s Identification Numbers
  • Application of company name 2 times
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Association
  • Preparation of Articles of Association
  • Application for Company PAN Card
  • Application for Company TAN

The incorporation Process will take 6 business days . Once your company is incorporated, we will send you  all the documents through courier . Get Register your company with company registration consultants in hyderabad . we will help you everything in company registration.

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