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    What is FSSAI ?

    FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, It consists of two authorities one being centre and other being state. These authorities are governed by rules and regulation laid down under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. This act is designed to regulate manifacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food in order to ensure safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

    Registration under FSSAI

    Food License Registration is an Authority / License granted to Food Business Operators to carry on their business in accordance with the guidelines of FSS Act,2006. This Registration is granted by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

    The Registration to FBO’s is granted under three categories depending on its turnover & nature of operations.This Registration regulates Food Safety,hygiene & quality standards which have to be met by the FBO’s.

    Who needs registration under FSSAI?

    As per Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 Food License Registration is a mandatory registration required by all Food Business Operators (FBO’s) in carrying out there activity. Irrespective of type, nature, category and turnover of Food business operator this registration would be deemed mandatory before starting their business.

    Food Business Operator’s in general include

    • All types of Food Manufacturers
    • Food Packaging unit
    • Food Storage unit
    • Wholesale food business operators
    • Food Traders
    • Online Food Business Operator
    • Caters or Hotel
    • Raw food material suppliers
    • Exporter and Importer of food products
    • Food products Transporter and Distributors
    • Food Product retailers.

    Registration types under FSSAI

    Food License can be obtained under any of the three categories:

    • Basic FSSAI Registration : This registration is aimed to cover petty and small food business operators, FBO’s whose business turnover is under Rs.12 lacs would be covered and become eligible for obtaining registration under this category.Mostly petty retailers, Hawkers & temporary stalls will be covered under this category.
    • State FSSAI License : This registration is suitable for medium scale food business operators, FBO’s whose business turnover is greater than Rs.12 lacs and less than Rs.2 crore would get covered under this category. Wide range of businesses get covered under this category and is a noteable registration among the business houses.
    • Central FSSAI License : This registration is intended to cover large businesses and those businesses who are engaged in import and export of food.FBO’s whose turnover exceeds Rs.2 crore and who are engaged in import and export activity should mandatorily register under this category.

    Benefits of obtaining Food License:

    Obtaining Food License offers various benefits such as:

    • Creates trust & reliability among consumers.
    • Creates free branding to businesses with the use of FSSAI Logo
    • Ensures Safety & Hygiene practices
    • Ensures compliance for businesses
    • Fulfills requirement of E-Commerce Partners

    Procedure for obtaining Food License

    Obtaining Food License would undergo following steps.

    • Step-1. Application with FSSAI
    • Step-2. Grant of Acknowledgement by FSSAI
    • Step-3. Inspection and Eligibility check By FSSAI Authorities
    • Step-4. Processing of the application
    • Step-5. Grant (or) Rejection of application

    Documents required for applying food license:

    • A complete and signed application Form – depending on type of registration.
    • Details of the Owner/Proprietor, Partners or Directors along with their Photo ID.
    • Photgraphs of the Owner/Proprietor, Partners or Directors.
    • Address Proof of the Owner/Proprietor, Partners or Directors.
    • The layout of the proposed location, and the planned placement of the equipment.
    • Possession Proof of that building/premises.
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owners, Along with their details, such as name & address.
    • List and Details of the Equipment already installed or proposed to be installed at the location.
    • Each Food Product and its category that is planned to be produced.
    • Planned Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

    Validity of Food License

    A Registration / license granted this act shall be valid for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator. The Validity of registration will commence from the date of issue of registration or license and conclude on a yearly basis as chosen by the FBO. Businesses should make arrangements in advance for renewal procedure and shall not wait till completion of validity thereby avoiding late fees and penalties.


    Do I need separate license if I am operating from another state?

    FSSAI Registration is premises based and separate Registrations would be required if operation is conducted in other place and hence operating in other state should be done only with separate registration at the other state.

    Is food license needed for imports & exports?

    Yes, Food license is a mandatory registration for all persons who are into Food business operations. Central License would be appropriate registration for those dealing with imports & exports.

    Can details be modified after obtaining the license ?

    Yes, Modifications can done using the relevant form and paying one year license fee thereby making an application to the authority.

    What if my license is lost ?

    In cases where FBO’s have lost their original copy of license and wish to procure the duplicate copy of the same license from department will have to pay some additional fee along with application for dupliacte license with the department.

    What if I forgot to make renewal of the license?

    Business should be careful in tracking the validity of registration and applying for renewal with in timelines. Forgetting or not renwing with in the validity date would call for penalty of Rs.100 per day from completion of validity till next application date. Also scenarios like this will lead to cancellation of license and will lead to applying of fresh license by owners where new FSSAI number will issued and old number will be lost.

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