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NAV (Net Asset Value)

The value of fund’s portfolio at market value less current liabilities divided by the number of units outstanding. Net asset value is normally computed daily or weekly and can be found in the financial section of the daily newspaper.

When a mutual fund scheme is first made available for investment, it is called a ‘New Fund Offer’ (NFO)

The money mobilized from investors is invested by the scheme as per the investment objective committed. Profits or losses, as the case might be, belong to the investors. The investor does not however bear a loss higher than the amount invested by him.

The relative size of mutual fund companies is assessed by their assets under management (AUM). The AUM captures the impact of the profitability metric and the flow of unit-holder money to or from the scheme.

Investor benefits from mutual funds include professional management, portfolio diversification, economies of scale, liquidity, tax deferral, tax benefits, convenient options, investment comfort, regulatory comfort and systematic approach to investing.