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Every business is Unique 
Every entrepreneur is Unique 
Every business requirement is Unique 
We have Unique business solutions for your Unique business requirements

Who are we

  • Team of professionals from various fields in the areas of accounting, Income tax, GST, Company Law and FEMA.
  • Expert panel of professionals

What is it

Business advisory services for small and mid level corporates. Ask a Business legal advisor a Question online. Get solution for all your business legal issues by asking a Query in online . Sumbit a query form in online. We are providing online query solutions for private limited company, one person company, partnership firm , public limited company, society registration, LLP, Branch office, project office, wholly owned subsidiary, liaison office, International taxation, FDI Advisory , business plan, due diligence , virtual cfo, ESOP, GST, Transfer Pricing, nri taxation, accounting, book keeping , compliance support, IEC, EPF, ESI, professional tax, shops and establishment and trademark.

    Why us

    • Holistic solutions to all your requirements
    • We understand the business dynamics of small and mid level corporate
    • Save time by getting all the solutions at one single place
    • Advised more than 2000 clients
    • Incorporated more than 500 legal entities
    • More than 25 FDIs handled

    Why advisory

    • To take informed decisions before they actually happen
    • To get a 360 degree view of the transactions that you enter into
    • To speedup your activity in the right direction

    Using right advice is simple

    Step 1

    Ask a Query

    Step 2

    We will reframe and take a confirmation about query

    Step 3

    Confirm the query and pay fee specific to your question

    Step 4

    We provide the advice within a predetermined period

    We have a bespoke fee structure for every business query.

    Our fee structure starts from Rs 2,000 for business advice

    We care for data security of our clients

    We do not even advertise our clients logos or client credentials in any of our platforms.

    If you are satisfied with our advise on a query and would like to take a service from us we deduct the fee paid by you for the advice from the professional fee for rendering such service


    Articles written on various forums are not specific advices for your business.

    They are written in general keeping in view broader audience

    Articles that are written on forums hold good for some period ,but there may be amendments which you have not factored.

    Right advice understands your query in detail and gives a customised advice for your business rather than giving a general solution.

    We keep in mind the size of your business, the industry you are in, capital requirement and many other metrics.

    We want business owners to take an informed decision before they actually act on the decision taken.

    We understand your business and take all the metrics from you .

    We draft the advice based on the acts in place and will give you reference of all the legal provisions applicable to you.

    This helps us to give a proper advice along with all the relevant provisions.

    An advice before an action, either it is a legal entity setup or a business operation will help the business owner to take a decision.This will be done before alegal entity is actually setup.

    This helps you to understand where to spend your time and resources effectively and avoid iterations and unnecessary steps.

    Areas of advisory

    • One person company
    • Partnership firm
    • Limited liability partnership
    • Private Limited
    • Public Limited
    • Society
    • Trust
    • Section 8
    • Branch office
    • Liason office
    • Project office
    • Subsidiary company
    • Equity capital structure
    • Preferential allotment
    • Private Placement
    • Issue of bonus shares
    • Issue of debentures
    • Issue of preference shares
    • ESOP structuring
    • Sweat equity shares
    • Buy back of shares
    • Convertible Note
    • Directors’ appointments
    • Director’s resignation
    • Increase in authorized capital
    • Annual filings of LLP & Private Limited
    • Alteration in MOA & AOA
    • Conducting board meetings
    • Intercorporate investments
    • Loans to directors
    • Director’s roles and responsibilities
    • Closure of legal entities
    • Conversion of one entity to another
    • Quarterly and annual compliances
    • Legal entity setup
    • Business registrations required
    • Labour law compliances
    • Compliances applicable
    • Compliance checklist specific to business ,monthly and yearly
    • Tax applicability
    • Tax planning
    • ITR procedure
    • Non resident tax structuring
    • Selection of accounting software
    • Chart of accounts
    • Transaction process advisory
    • Meeting MIS requirement of management
    • Taxability of services
    • GST impact study on business
    • Compliance checklist
    • Foreign Direct Investments
    • Overseas Direct Investments
    • Inward remittance
    • Outward remittances
    • External Commercial Borrowing
    • Salary structuring
    • Expat tax planning
    • Planning incentive schemes
    • Labour laws compliances
    • Transfer pricing study
    • Defining Transfer pricing policy
    • Transfer pricing documentation
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