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Who We are:

Numbro Consulting is an Indian based consulting firm helping Indian corporates and international corporates to have establishments in India and abroad and provides consulting services in the areas of Foreign Direct Investments, International Taxation, Corporate Laws, Accounting, Goods and Service tax, Investment due diligence, Business valuations and other Investment banking service. We are group of experienced professionals dedicated to serve the business world better through our consulting and the knowledge we share.

We are firm believers of the Quote “Knowledge gives ideas” and would like to put every effort in sharing of our knowledge through articles on various subjects that we are knowledgeable on, to all the business community to take informed decisions.

After a welcoming response from the readers of our articles on various fora, we want to take a step forward to take an initiative to accept insightful articles with their thought leadership imbibed in it which are posted by our learned professional friends across the globe.

Subjects on which articles can be posted:

We would not like to restrict any business related topic, however we would like to understand the relevance of the topics to our readers and would accept the articles based on relevance to the business users.
Few suggestive topics can be Setting up of business in your country, Tax applicability, International tax laws, Labour laws, Corporate laws governing your nation, Accounting, Book keeping, Business Analytics, Financial Audits, Fund raising, Due diligence

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

  • The guest post should be 100% original and should explain your thought leadership over a subject.
  • You need to provide 2 relevant images or infographic which should be for re-use or commercial use and which are not copyrighted.
  • Article should be sent to our email id ([email protected]) in word document.
  • Articles must be written English & with good grammar and make it readable for all the readers.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 800 words, however, we do prefer content that’s more in the 800-2,000 word range
  • Please try to write catchy headings, and if possible, write article according to the latest seo updates with good search volume
  • Please do a thorough research of the blogs that are already posted to exclude those topics when you are choosing an article topic.
  • spammy and self promotional articles are will not be published
  • Do not publish any written content that has been previously published elsewhere or on any another website or blog
  • Please do not stuff your keywords as the intention is to explain it to readers and for search engines, we want any keyword usage to flow naturally with the text.
  • If your blog is published on, please share it across your own social networks
  • We do not allow any affiliate links in the publication.

How Can you Find Us:

” Submit Guest Post + Startups”

” Submit Guest Post + Accounting”

” Submit Guest Post + Business Plan”

” Submit Guest Post + Book keeping”

” Submit Guest Post + Business Analytics”

” Submit Guest Post + Labor laws”

” Submit Guest Post + Business Advices”

” Submit Guest Post + Payroll management”

” Submit Guest Post + International tax laws “

” Submit Guest Post + Financial Audits”

” Submit Guest Post + Fund raising “

” Submit Guest Post + Due Diligence”

” Submit Guest Post + Income Tax”

” Submit Guest Post + FDI Advice”

” Submit Guest Post + Setup Business”

” Submit Guest Post + Tax”

” Submit Guest Post + GST”

” Submit Guest Post + startup advices”

” Write for us + Accounting”

” Write for us + Business Plan”

” Write for us + Book keeping”

” Write for us + Business Analytics”

” Write for us + Labor laws”

” Write for us + Business Advices”

” Write for us + Payroll management”

” Write for us + International tax laws “

” Write for us + Financial Audits”

” Write for us + Fund raising “

” Write for us + Due Diligence”

” Write for us + Income Tax”

” Write for us + FDI Advice”

” Write for us + Setup Business”

” Write for us + Tax”

” Submit Guest Post + GST”

” Submit Guest Post + startup advices”

” Submit Guest Post + FEMA”

” Submit Guest Post + Business Valuation”

“Write For us + Legal advices”

” Submit Guest Post + International Taxation”

How do we give credits to you:

  • We will provide 1 link (For your website) in content body.
  • Also we would share your credentials (name and email id ) under the article.

Process after submission your Guest Post:

  • Once we receive an guest blog request from you , we would review the topics that you mention
  • Once a topic for article is finalized, you can draft an article and send it to us
  • If you need any changes, you will be returned with the required changes.
  • Numbro recommends you to to edit the article and its title for best readability and better reach to the readers.
  • We will publish your article on our blog.
  • We can republish the blog or share it on social networks giving the author the credits due.
  • We do not pay for Guest Posts. (Write For Us) or we donot expect you to pay us for posting your article on our platform
  • If you have any Queries regarding the guest post, don’t hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected])


NOTE :- Important: We may receive many of requests for guest blog and we take our time in reviewing the articles shared by you to see if it is good interest to the readers. Please be patient with us because we will take 2-3 business days to respond. Numbro has every right, to disapprove if the moderator thinks it would be in appropriate.

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