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    How To Register for Due Diligence?

    Registering Due Diligence is quick, easy, and can be done online with Numbro in 3 simple steps:

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    We understand the need for the due diligence assignment

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    We get all the information documented

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    Due diligence is a systematic study conducted by professionals before an investment is made or a new strategic partnership is taken up. The process helps to identify potential risks due to past transactions undertaken. Due diligence process helps the investors and the parties to the transactions to take an informed decision based on the facts and figures produced.

    A fully focused diligence process covers a 360 degree view of the business transaction covering areas like financial analysis, tax, legal, statutory, enterprise valuation, corporate governance, risks, ethics, internal controls and other key areas.

    One single approach of due diligence review will not be appropriate for all the business models. It requires an open mind for business understanding, industry knowledge, understanding the detailed scope of the engagement to offer bespoke advice on a particular transaction. This approach helps in identifying potential risks and exposure to various weaknesses to avoid costly
    mistakes in foreseeing risks and mitigating them.

    Numbro’s Role

    • Defining the scope of the engagement
    • Thorough business understanding
    • Review of documentary evidences and market research reports
    • Advising on most suitable and cost effective solutions
    • Delivering an independent professional report

    Numbro Advantage

    • Holistic approach covering all the areas of the review
    • Our experience in various industries helps us deal with industry specific issues more effectively.
    • Handling cross border transactions/partnerships with ease
    • Pool of resources available for specific advise


    What are the areas reviewed under due diligence

    We cover all the areas that would impact a transaction which may be areas of review of past financials, tax records, corporate secretarial compliances, legal positions of various cases, review of internal processes, impact of cross border transactions under FEMA and other specific areas.

    How can this due diligence help us to take an informed decision

    A detailed understanding about the business and transaction helps to conduct a comprehensive study of the business, which helps to give a report covering all the areas that would impact the business. This gives the parties to the transaction right insights  after understating the case clearly.

    Who would conduct the review

    Due diligence is a review conducted by various professionals based on the requirements, professional like Chartered Accountants, Company secretaries, Registered Valuers, FEMA consultants, International taxation consultants, Legal experts, Chartered Engineers and other professionals would be required to handle this holistically.

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