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Bank Accounts Maintained NRI
The most known bank accounts for non-resident Indians are Non-Resident External Account (NRE), Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO) and Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account (FCNR). NRIs can transfer or withdraw funds through these accounts. Check out our article Types of Bank Accounts...
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Types of Bank Accounts for NRI In India

What is NRI Bank Account: There are many bank accounts that are available to be used by NRIs for various purposes typically called as NRI Bank Accounts. Many of the Non-Resident Indians who go abroad either on deputation of employment…

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Convertible Note – A hybrid instrument for raising capital

  A convertible note is an optionally convertible instrument that gives and investor the option (on maturity i.e. when the company raises next round of funding) to convert their debt into equity at a pre-determined discount on the amount paid…

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3 ways to build your international company in India

BRANCH OFFICE Introduction of Branch Office  A Branch Office (“BO”) is one of the entry vehicles of a foreign company to enter India and understand the Indian market subject to certain conditions where RBI guidelines need to be adhered. Office…

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Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) into India – FDI Investments

FDI is the Buzzword in the Indian business. FDI means Foreign Direct Investments made by a non-resident into a business in India. India has seen a Foreign Direct Investments inflow of Rs 85,180 crores in the Q1 of 2018-19 which…

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