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Easy and hassle free registeration as society

Get yourself registered as society and be a separate legal entity along with certain tax benefits

Enjoy income tax benefits by registering as society and get professional advisory at numbro.

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    How To Register A Society?

    Registering a Society is quick, easy, and can be done online with Numbro in 3 simple steps:

    STEP 1

    We prepare you to understand how administering and governance is important for your charitable activities

    STEP 2

    We will get all your applicable statutory registrations done

    STEP 3

    Get the Society registration certificate and monitor the implementation of bye laws and its compliances on regular basis

    Best Society Registration Service Providers

    A Society is a systematic gathering of individuals with the sole point and destinations of non-profitable administration.
    This Registration is optional. Registration of such an affiliation will have legitimate Recognition & It will be possible to run society legally with order. Society can sue and be sued.

    Society registration in India will be done according to respective state acts of societies.

    If you want to start with the motives like- Charity ,culture, promotion of art, fine art, sports(excluding game of chance), literature, religion, science, political education, philosophy or diffusion of any knowledge or any public purposes society registration is the relevant entity.

    A minimum of 7 members who are above the age of 18 years are required to form a society or an association.

    Advantages of Registering a society

    1. It can be identified as a separate legal entity once registered.
    2. It can enter into conracts with its own name, sue others & be sued by others.
    3. A Registered Society continues to be a separate legal entity even if the members of the society change.
    4. It enjoys certain Income tax benefits.

    Requirements for registering a society


    1. Proposed Name of the Society
    2. Details of Registered office of the Society
    3. Aims & Objects of the Society
    4. Details of Governing Body
    5. Details to be included in bye-laws of the society

    Documents required for society registration

    1. PAN Card of members of society.
    2. Residence proof of members or the society.
    3. Bye-Laws of the society
    4. Proof of Address of the Society
    5. List of members of society
    6. Self-Decleration

    Procedure for Society Registration

    1. Selection of Unique name for society.
    2. Preperation of Bye-Laws
    3. Application with sociey department attaching Required Documents
    4. Approval of the application by the society department
    5. Grant of Registration certificate


    How many members are required to form a society ?

    A minimum of 7 members are required to form a society.

    Can Bye-laws of the society be amended ?

    Upon registration the bye-laws of the society can be amended from time to time as and when required by paying applicable government fee.

    Will members of the society be eligible for profits ?

    No, Society is one of the Non-Profit organisation it does’nt allow sharing of profits with anyone. Its funds are meant to be used only for the purpose of which it is created.


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