FILING OF FORM INC-22A 1) Who should mandatorily file form INC – 22A Companies incorporated on or before 31st Dec 2017 which are under ‘Active’ status as on the date of filing shall file eForm INC-22A. 2) What is…

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How a good consulting firm can make a difference to a business

In selection of right legal entity Every legal entity need not be a Private Limited Company. Every business owner has a different vision and there are many other criteria like Funding requirement Number of co-founders Amount of investment required Scale…

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GST for Non-Resident Tax Payer

To understand the applicability of GST for non-resident tax payer ,one should know who is a non-resident as per GST law. A non-resident taxable person means any person who occasionally undertakes transactions involving supply of goods and/or services whether as…

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